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"She's an incredible listener, and the best performers

are great listeners."

Lore Ruschiensky, Regina Leader Post


"It was given a powerful performance (from memory!) by Katherine Dowling, who was clearly equal to the technical demands."

Brian Schuth,  Boston Musical Intelligencer


"The pianist Katherine Dowling was twice an eloquent soloist: crisp in Anthony Cheung's suite 'Roundabouts', and silky in George Perle's 'Six études'."  

Zachary Woolfe,  New York Times

"...played with effortless incisiveness by Katherine Dowling, one of the New Fromm Players, the festival's back bench of alumni new-music specialists..."

Matthew Guerrieri,  The Boston Globe


"Dowling and Namoradze's performance was spectacular, remaining in perfect synchronization while playing rhythmic lines that were precisely uncoordinated."

Brian Schuth,  Boston Musical Intelligencer



Five stars!  "Katherine Dowling and Qing Jiang played

the solo parts with rhythmic verve" 

John Allison, The Telegraph

"The redoubtable Katherine Dowling once agained returned to make short work of the technical challenges, and astonishingly once again played entirely from memory."  

Brian Schuth,  Boston Musical Intelligencer

"From the old school also came Harbison's 'Parody Fantasia' for solo piano.  The evening's finale, it produced the most electrifying performance, a tour de force by Katherine Dowling."

Andrew L. Pincus,  Berkshire Eagle

"...the pianist Katherine Dowling gave crystalline performances, which balanced gestural expressiveness with careful attention to color."

Corinna da Fonseca-Wollheim,  New York Times

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